Want to learn how to make real Hollywood style film projects from professionals who work in the industry?

Spend 3 weeks learning camera & editing tech, art & design, story & writing, set operations, directing & casting, production management, and acting.

Learn from dedicated artists-in-residence media specialists, on hand to help you learn their craft!

Students will shoot and edit a “Summer of Service: Lima Service Clubs Unite!” PSA for broadcast and online.

Artist-In-Residence Walter Jones, on Auditioning & Acting

Quick Sizzle Rough Cut

Tech Department

Tech Dep’t

Director of Photography (DP) – the “A” camera person, who gets the first choice of camera angles, responsible for getting the right “look” for that particular unit.

Camera Operators – work with the DP to help cover the scene, light and assist, too.

Assistant Camera Technician (AC) – does everything the operators need, while they shoot – loading and unloading the cameras, charging batteries, setting up the tripod.

Sound Mixer / Boomer – the person who makes sure we’re getting “clean sound”. Can stop the scene, if s/he “doesn’t like what s/he’s hearing” (happens all the time)

Gaffer (Chief Lighting Technician) – in charge of the lights, stands, bounce cards and reflectors. Works with the director of photography to set the lights. Ready to jump in with a reflector or a bound card, to get the best picture possible!

Grips – assist Gaffer in setting stands, helping put up lights and bounce and fill cards.

Directing & Casting

Directing & Casting

Field Directors – in charge of working with the actors, camera and script. Gets to say “Action!” and “Cut!” Might get to do interviews, too! Might be asked to present concept to Studio and Network execs.

Field Associate Producers (AP) – assists the director, takes field notes!

Casting Supervisor – in charge of finding the cast for all the shoots. Keeps a sheet on each potential cast member!

Casting Associates – helps Casting Director with everything; creates cast folder.

Art & Design

Art & Design

Art Directors – the art director reads the script and comes up with a visual plan and list for every scene, working with set dresser, props and wardrobe. Gives their list to Set Operations and PM departments. In charge of “the look” for their unit!

Senior Art Director / Conceptual Artist – sketches all art and design elements, including wardrobe. Also one of the art directors, so must do their job too. Might need to present concept to Studio & Network execs.

Set Dresser – reads script, makes lists of the stuff needed in the background for the actors to sit on. May work with Conceptual Artist to come up with drawings of the set.

Prop Master (and prop assistants) – goes through the script and creates a prop list of all the stuff that’s going to be handled by the cast. Also gives their list and plan to the Set Operations and Production Management departments.

Merchandising / Event Producer – if we need it, you find it! From food to props and set dressing and clothes! Works to create a list to get everybody and everything at the right place and time. Shows list to production management & set ops – to make it happen! May work with Studio & Network execs on supplies.

Wardrobe Stylist – reads the story script and is in charge of getting and keep track of all the clothes the cast will wear.

Set Ops

Set Ops

Coordinating Producers – work with story department, creates “Master Schedule” to present to Studio & Network execs. You work with AD and directors to create day to day schedule, get through the day.

Assistant Director – the “drill sergeant beside the camera”. Gets camera and other crew and cast in place. Says “rolling” and “quiet please” and “going again” etc…

Craft Services Specialists – SNACKS! FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD!! Works with Merchandising Producer to CREATE LIST of all the snacks. Responsible for creating a presentable table display, and keeping it stocked – for the duration of the shoot!

Story & Writing

Story & Writing

Supervising Producer – a very good writer; oversees all the story and scripts; presents all scripts and beat sheets to director, other departments – and Studio and Network execs.

Senior Story Producers (and Writers) – write the first drafts of the scripts and the documentary beat sheet.

Story Associate Producers / Continuity Supervisors – the best note takers in the group!

Production Management

Production Management

Production Managers – creates a one-page budget from script, to present to Studio & Network execs. Great with math & organization! Helps with master schedule, lists & call sheets. With Coordinator, makes sure everybody gets lunch on time!

Coordinators – assists the PM and makes lists and keeps records – very important!!

Location Managers – find the locations, know the locations, create the locations list.

Release Coordinators – get location, art and likeness releases signed, build a book.

“Office” & “Set” Production Assistants – help, as needed. Wrangle people.