Christian/Community Film & Arts

The Heartland Image Foundation Christian/Community Film & Arts Initiative seeks to bring outside, higher budget media projects to local communities.

Thank You to Everyone who has supported the Gideon’s Frontier film! We’re very close to being ready to shoot the entire film.

Larger budgets, in excess of $200K, are pursued – targeting feature film, TV and other media projects with commercial distribution as the ultimate goal.

Content is developed by HLI Foundations members, explicitly incorporating each community’s unique history, location, personality and qualities.

The goal is to create saleable entertainment that compliments and promotes the community and is uplifting to the viewer.

In these activities, towns see immediate economic benefits from the film making activities, along with spirited enthusiasm from local residents.

After sale, local charities receive the largest portion of the proceeds. And as a final benefit, the town will have a long-lasting production to enjoy and use for promotion.

Currently, the HLI Foundation is working with Flyover State Productions in a cooperative effort to film “A Walk With Grace”, a Christian-themed romantic dramedy to be shot in Lima, OH and targeted to the Lifetime Network.

Additional scripts are in development.

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A Walk with Grace
Table Read-Through – March, 2015