The Heartland Image Foundation

The Heartland Image Foundation is a Community Nonprofit that promotes heartland values by creating High Definition (HD) video and other media content to showcase the amenities of cities, towns and communities throughout the heart of the United States.

Our approach is to utilize arts, education, and local involvement to re-energize these communities’ social and economic progress.

We showcase the best of what towns have to offer on a scale appropriate to them, and provide dynamic communication between youth, local businesses and non-profits.

You Can Tell Your Community’s Story

The HLI Foundation engages a community’s diverse and unique creativity, asking, “Every community has a story…how are you helping to tell yours?”

The Student Integrated Arts Filmmaker Bootcamp happens every summer in Lima, Ohio!

Student Integrated Arts Filmmaker Bootcamp

The Student Integrated Arts Filmmaker Bootcamp initiative utilizes a “Hollywood” moviemaking structure to cultivate Multiple Intelligences skill sets, vocational & leadership skills and team building through completing media projects, supported by structured mentoring and collaboration with media professionals.

The ultimate goal is to create in the next generation an  integrated media ensemble, a self-starting team that mentors the students that follow, able to capture additional content for any note-worthy endeavor,producing and completing video projects for the community well beyond the initial program.

Christian/Community Film & Arts

The Christian/Community Film & Arts initiative brings outside, higher budget media projects to a given locale. The goal is to create saleable entertainment that compliments and promotes a community, and is uplifting to the viewer.

Content will be developed by HLI Foundations members, explicitly incorporating a community’s unique history, location, personality and qualities.

In these activities a town will see immediate economic benefits from the film making activities, and spirited enthusiasm from residents. After sale, the local charities will receive the largest portion of the proceeds. And as a final benefit, the town will have a long-lasting production to enjoy and use for promotion.

The Community Image Enhancement Initiative

Discover how communities benefit from The Heartland Image Foundation Community Image Enhancement Initiative.

The Community Image Enhancement initiative is community-focused HD video content. The HLI Foundation will create original HD video content for businesses and citizens seeking a professional voice and with a message that promotes Heartland values and that showcases their interests and the amenities of the community.

Content and featured materials are defined by community leaders, as well as that coming from the Student Integrated Arts Filmmaker Bootcamp program. The production quality of the materials will be of the current highest level, and format(s) will be suitable for a variety of platforms (i.e. television, internet, social media).